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Lumber (or timber) is raw wood material that is manufactured into boards. Lumber is predominatly used for structural purposes but has many other uses as well. Lumber is supplied either rough or finished.

Company LADERO, S.A. produces supplies of all types of timber (cutting boards, sticks, boards, plywood) by road or railway transport to the construction object. All products are certified.

We'll help you to find the required number of timber and to determine the optimal price-quality ratio. The cost of delivery will depend on the wood, surface finish, humidity and, of course, the amount of purchased products. We have a flexible system of discount for wholesalers and retail buyers.

We offer merchantable lumber, shipping dry lumber, clean timber in the widest variety and price range. Our specialists will advise you on the choice of products. They will also answer all your questions and help you to do the calculations. Become our client! You will stay with us forever!