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Cottage construction

Our company performs the full range of constructional works: from the civil-engineering design to the interior.

Our services include design, construction, capital repair and reconstruction of various low-rise buildings, structures and facilities. We carry out pre-project and project preparations, legalize papers and complete technical building supervision at all stages of the project.

Complex approach to the cottage construction is optimal for both the contractor and the customer. Cottage building on a turn-key basis has a number of advantages for each customer. It's saving of expense. The cost of the services is greatly reduced, if you order them in bulk. Only one contractor is responsible for the performance of all work. It gives time management and quality assurance of construction.

The cost of the cottage depends on the area of the house, the type of foundation, wall material, the design features and the type of the project. If the construction has an individually design, of course, its price will be slightly higher than the cost of typical building.
For more information about prices and terms and conditions, you can contact our managers.